Wednesday, August 29, 2007

baju air-cond

An air-conditioned blouson (Kuchofuku Inc.)
Cool Biz, a combination of the English words cool and business, is the catchword in Japan this summer. It is the title of a government campaign to persuade office workers to dispense with their ties and jackets as an environmentally friendly way of staying cool without lowering the air conditioner thermostat. And now an innovation called kuchofuku (air-conditioned clothing) is taking the Cool Biz concept one step further. This new type of garb lets people stay cool even in long sleeves.

pemberi nasihat?mantap...

Support Offered via Cell Phone for Quitting Smoking

Today in Japan there are over 40,000 sites that can be viewed on Internet-capable mobile phones. A recent addition has been an Internet service via cell phone that calls on smokers to "enjoy the challenge of quitting smoking." When a smoker who has been hit by the desire to smoke presses a few buttons on his or her phone, words of encouragement and advice show up on the screen, complete with illustrations.

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telephone bill...

Cell phone charges in Tokyo 3rd highest among major world cities

TOKYO — Cell phone call charges average 39.4 yen per minute in Tokyo, the third highest among major world cities, according to a survey released Tuesday by the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry. London has the highest average call charges, equivalent to 48.2 yen per minute, followed by Paris at 40.9 yen, the ministry said.

The other cities in the survey were New York, Seoul, Stockholm and Duesseldorf. The lowest average, equivalent to 11.7 yen, was found in New York. Among other findings, the cost of using Internet access services based on asymmetric digital subscriber line technology was the lowest in Tokyo for the sixth year in a row.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Memory card fake and real

baru2 nih..hamba dapat email pasal memory card...
pengedar email tuh dapat define kan yg mane satu adalah palsu atau asli nyer memory car...byk gak bukti yg die dapat buktikan...contoh..

iPhone vs. 7 Top Wireless Wonders

nampaknye persaingan kat dunia nih makin menjadi2…yang terbaru nih…persaingan iphone yg baru dilancarkan jun arituh..ade website…diorg nk comparekan iphone dgn phone2 yg meletop…
-iphone kalah ngan Samsung’s BlackJack ngan Palm’s Treo dalam bab ber-email….
-iphone kalah ngan semua dalam bab ber-gambar…mana taknye…2 megapixel je..
- iphone menang ar bab dengar lagu…pakai itunes katakan…
>mengikut kenyataan website tuh…Samsung BlackJack ngan iphone jadik pilihan pertama tester2 diorg ar…RIM’s BlackBerry ngan Palm’s Treo jadik pilihan kedua..dan lain2 tuh…kekurangan phone terlebih kot…
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

robot pemandu pelancong

Toyota develops robot tour guide

Thursday, August 23, 2007 at 05:00 EDT
TOKYO — Toyota Motor Corp announced Wednesday that it has developed a robot tour guide that will escort visitors around the various displays of Toyota Kaikan Exhibition Hall in Toyota City in Aichi Prefecture. The newly developed robot is equipped with autonomous movement capabilities for avoiding obstacles and with jointed fingers, allowing it to sign autographs, Toyota said. It is also able to interact with visitors through a combination of verbal communication and gestures.
Toyota said it is committed to the continuous development of these robots, focusing on the four areas in which they can be of the most use to humans: assistance with domestic duties, assistance with nursing and medical care, assistance with manufacturing and assistance with short-distance personal transport..


wah...bestnye ade robot macm nih..kalo naik bas...konfirm tak sunyi mesti robot nih takkn duk senyap. bayangkan kalau robot ni kat malaysia, "on your left, pasar seni, on your right,putra lrt"...wah best2!!

kalo toyota buat skala kecil..pastu bole letak kat atas dashboard kete. mesti menarik kan..kalo ade robot mcm tuh kat malaysia..konfirm hamba janji harga berpatutan ar..kalo harga ribuan2..hamba tgk kat cermin kedai je la kot...huhu...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

book to e-book?

menarik tol bile hamba tgk poster nih...bagus gak kalo takyah beli buku harry potter dh..jadik e-book je..mau nyer tidak..hamba tgk kat kedai...yg terbaru nyer buku...paling2 murah pon rm60 lebey..itu pon promosi nyer..dgr2 member hamba ckp kalo harga btol..mau nyer ratusan...
harap2 ade la versi member2 hamba yg minat bebenor ngan harry pottter nih leh baca dgn murah :)

permulaan yg baik...

salam semua..hamba disini adalah masih mentah dlm pembikinan blog2 nih...
baru mengenali dunia blog sejak beberapa hari yg lalu...
salam ceria..salam gembira...adios kendious..