Saturday, October 27, 2007

World's largest solar manufacturing plant to be built in Singapore

SINGAPORE — Norway's Renewable Energy Corp will build a S$6.3 billion (about $4.3 billion) solar manufacturing complex in Singapore that will be the largest in the world, the company said Friday.

The complex will be an integrated facility that will produce solar wafers, cells and modules, which are parts of solar panels, and will also conduct research and development. When fully developed, the manufacturing complex could hold a production capacity of up to 1.5 gigawatts annually, compared to a total global industry output of 2 gigawatts last year.

Hitachi to market world's thinnest LCD TVs

TOKYO — Hitachi Ltd said Wednesday that it will start selling what it claims are the world's thinnest liquid crystal display panel television sets from December. The Wooo UT series TVs are only 3.5 centimeters thick, compared with 8.1 centimeters for the current thinnest LCD TVs made by Sharp Corp. Hitachi made the achievement by separating the tuner from the TV body.