Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Google presentation software

Google rolls out rival to PowerPoint
In a challenge to Microsoft, business presentation tool will be included in search engine giant's free software bundle.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) -- Google Inc. has expanded its online suite of office software to include a business presentation tool similar to Microsoft Corp.'s popular PowerPoint, adding the latest twist in a high-stakes rivalry.

The new program will be included in Google's free software bundle, called "Docs," which users must be online to employ. And the company will sell a souped-up version to businesses, universities and government agencies for $50 a year per user.

As PowerPoint does, Google's presentation software enables users to create a series of slides with a mixture of text and graphics on each. PowerPoint is widely used in business meetings.

Google's software suite already includes word processing, spreadsheet and calendar management programs. Microsoft (Charts, Fortune 500) has been reaping huge profits from similar applications for years.

Unlike Google's applications, Microsoft's programs are usually installed directly on the hard drives of computers.

Google executives have consistently depicted the company's software applications as counterparts to Microsoft's product.

credit to http://money.cnn.com

wah...google semakin mantap ar...yg menarik perhatian hamba psl bende nih..kita semua tak perlu install kat harddisk psl powerpoint lagik..jimat skit space...kan kalo lagik menarik, kalo google nih boleh buat user save presentation slide online...takyah dh pakai pendrive ke ape ke utk save files...

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